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Equipment Development & Manufacturing

MS-3315 compound coating machine is equipped with a module matching system for metal PVD equipment and optical PVD equipment;

MS-3315 compound coating machine has dual functions of curved surface sputtering and planar sputtering;

MS-3315 compound coating machine adopts unique double cavity design. It has the characteristics of large loading capacity, cryogenic assistance, fast air extraction, non-explosive vacuum, stable coating vacuum environment and good film stability. The gas distribution system is based on the sputtering source and splits the flow to make the gas distribution more uniform, the film deposition thickness and color more uniform and controllable, and the magnetron sputtering cathode has more targets. The equipment also uses a large diameter base pipe, which has good cooling effect and longer service life.

The MS-3315 compound coating machine is equipped with a fully automatic process monitoring system. The system uses a high-performance PLC with higher performance and stability as the control core, and a low-power industrial PC with strong environmental adaptability as the upper computer to realize humanized man-machine operation interface, editing and storage of process recipes, and recording of historical process data. The abundant communication interface makes the system have strong scalability and compatibility. The system also provides Ethercat, Profibus, and RS485 communication interfaces to realize the communication between PLC and process power, flowmeter, temperature control instrument, etc. According to the process parameters, the process is fully controlled, and real-time data is collected and submitted to the industrial PC for storage and can be used for subsequent data retrospective analysis.



  • Equipment Development & Manufacturing
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